Economics Tuition for JC Students by NIE-Trained Principal Tutor

With a Master’s Degree in Education from NIE (First Class Grades), Ms Ang has a proven track record of at least 90% of students scoring As and Bs in A Level Econs!

Under the guidance of the NIE-Trained Curriculum Education Specialist, Ms Ang, JC students will be well-versed in and capable of handling the mathematical, analytical and critical aspects to excel in the subject. Junior College students will get the help in the subjects of Economics, at the appropriate level for which they require assistance in.

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    iECONOMICS’ A Level Economics tuition will equip students with the necessary content and skills in Micro-Economics & Macro-Economics.

    H1 & H2 Economics curriculum will be conducted through 3 imperative elements of the learning model:

    • CONTENT ENRICHMENT: Reinforce and deepen understanding of the syllabus.
    • SKILLS ENHANCEMENT: Individual & small group practice assignments to handle different types of questions.
    • TIME MANAGEMENT: Timed practices and lessons and mock examinations to help students excel under time constraints.

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    Free Essays Practices
    and Answers

    iEconomics self-help portal gives all students FREE essay practices & answers to help them improve on their writing skills.

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    Fees and Schedule

    iEconomics charges a competitive rate of $380/- for 4 lessons (2 hours/lesson). Ms Ang holds classes on both weekdays & weekends to suit students’ schedule.View more 


    Why iECONOMICS is Different?

    Economics tuition in Singapore has to be top-notch to set students on a path to success in life. While other JC economics tuition centres in Singapore may only provide short-term assistance to help students get a passing grade, Ms Ang strives to get students genuinely interested in the subject. Parents can be assured that A Level economics tuition with iEconomics ensures each class size allows for optimised learning for each student. iEconomics’ JC Economics tutor, Ms Ang, is a qualified graduate who manages a lean class size with maximum efficiency. Students can expect the tutor to provide personal assistance that students require at H1 & H2 Economics tuition.