Economics Curriculum

Micro-Economics | iEconomics Tuition
Scarcity as Central Economic Problem, Choice and Opportunity Cost
Resource Allocation (Demand and Supply)
 Market Structure
Market Failure and Govt Intervention
Macro-Economics | iEconomics Tuition
 Economic Indicators & Standard of Living
AD-AS Model, Circular Flow of Income, Multiplier
4 Macroeconomic Goals
Macroeconomic Policies
International Trade & Globalisation




Content Enrichment Approach | iEconomics Tuition

Content Enrichment

Ms Ang’s lessons in econs tuition strengthen students’ content knowledge by reinforcing what they have learnt in school.

Skills Enhancement Approach | iEconomics Tuition

Skills Enhancement

Ms Ang’s lessons include individual and group practice assignments to enhance students’ skills and capabilities to handle different types of questions in their examinations

Time Management Approach | iEconomics Tuition

Time Management

Ms Ang understands that students face difficulty managing time during their examinations. She ensures sufficient timed practices during the weekly lessons and her 3-monthly mock examinations to suit students’ needs.

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A Level Economics Exam Format

H2 Economics (Syllabus 9757)

Paper 1 (Duration: 2h 15min): TWO compulsory case study questions (CSQs). Each CSQ carries 30 marks; about 12 marks are data response questions (DRQs) and around 18 marks are higher order questions. Paper 1 constitutes 40% of the Total Marks.

Paper 2 (Duration: 2h 15min): Out of a total of 6 essay questions, candidates are to choose THREE 25-mark essay questions to do, of which one must be from Section A (mainly Microeconomics), one from Section B (mainly Macroeconomics) and one from either Section A or B. Paper 2 constitutes 60% of the Total Marks.


H1 Economics (Syllabus 8823) [For Candidates taking H1 Economics paper from 2018 onwards]

1 Full Paper (Duration: 3h): TWO compulsory case study questions (CSQs). Each CSQ carries 45 marks; about 18 marks are data response questions (DRQs) and around 27 marks are higher order questions.

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