Frequently Asked Questions

iECONOMICS is an established tuition centre in Singapore offering specialised Economics group tuition to Junior College students. In this page we provide clear answers to frequently asked questions about joining our programme.

What is your teaching style like?

Our teaching style revolves around achieving results for our students. The class sizes are manageable to ensure that the tutors can pay attention to each student’s needs. We want to enrich their knowledge of the subject of Economics, as well as to clarify their questions about economic practices, theories and other subtopics within the field of study.

How are the Economics Tuition classes structured?

Our three-tier approach starts with content enrichment, where we begin with and augment what the students have learned in school. We know that each one of them already has some understanding of economics and we build on this existing knowledge.

The next step is skills enhancement, where we engage our students as a group to work on their needs together. In this phase, we aim to improve their capabilities to deal with their upcoming exams.

The last step is time management, in which we impart important qualities to help them accomplish the most that they can, even with limited time. With their A Levels coming up, this is also something our JC students will appreciate.

What are your tutors’ qualifications?

Our tutors come from renowned local and foreign universities. They want to help our students get through the hurdle of economics in school and in the process, create a genuine interest in the subject. We are privileged to have highly-skilled, driven mentors within our programme, each of whom has a desire to see our students make it into the university course of their choice.

What areas does your Economics tuition cover?

We cover the two overarching facets of Economics: Micro- and Macro-Economics. The former deals with smaller matters in economics, not in importance but in scope. This revolves around individuals and their actions. On the other hand, macroeconomics is about the issues that appear on a larger scale: unemployment, inflation, etc.

Do you provide JC Economics notes?

We provide well-organised and concise instructions during classes. There are several free essay questions and answers for everyone’s benefit (even if you are not a student at our centre). They are arranged by topics, top JCs in Singapore and contain relevant examples to help your answer stand out and excel in the GCE A Level Economics examination.

Where are the iECONOMICS centres located?

We have two branches conveniently located in Admiralty and in Jurong East.

  • Admiralty Branch: 678A Woodlands Ave 6, Singapore 731678
  • Jurong East Branch: 135 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 731678

What Are the Fees and Schedule?

Our fees are fixed at $320 for four lessons of two hours each session. The fee comes with several useful extras, such as a WhatsApp helpline, free consultations before exams and more.We have separate schedules for JC1 and JC2. For more details, please browse our schedules page.