Studying abroad in the Califonia of the US- the state with the most schools in the United States

Studying abroad in the Califonia of the US- the state with the most schools in the United States

 For a long time, California was the number one choice for Vietnamese students when choosing the United States because of many convergent factors that brought this land: California is the state with the most schools in the US with a strong economy creating many jobs,  a harmonious climate, great scenery.


1. Geographical location, climate

  The state of California, the United States is the state with the largest Vietnamese community in the United States. The state of California has 478 cities, most of which are located in major metropolitan areas. 68% of California residents live in the two largest metropolitan areas including the Greater Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area. California is located on the East Coast – adjacent to the Pacific, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja California state of Mexico.

   The state has many beautiful natural scenes, including the spacious Central Valley, high mountains, hot deserts, and hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline. California near the Pacific Ocean, the climate is very moderate compared to the inland climates.

2. Economics

  With an area of 411,000 km2 (160,000 m2), it is the third largest state in the United States, and if it considers this state an independent country, it will be the sixth most powerful economy in the world. California is also the most diverse state in terms of both nature and ethnicity and which is sometimes referred to by another name as “Golden State” – America’s golden land.

   The strong economy with many industries and services developed makes the average income of the people here relatively high, many jobs and which is the “most livable” place for Vietnamese people because of the growth of Vietnamese community here.


  Up to now, the California constitution and federal government have significant investment regulations for the education sector, especially for public school systems.

1. California – home to America’s leading universities

California is the state with the most schools in the United States. In there, California State University public university system (competitive tuition, simple procedures) and the University of California – UC system (there are top universities in the US such as UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, and so on.), which has been creating many talents and leaders, as well as the highest percentage of graduates with jobs for the state of California.

 Besides, California also has many community colleges such as Santa Monica College and Irvine Valley College, which are very good places to train students to easily transfer to top US universities

Stanford University – One of the most prestigious universities in the world, which is located in California state (Image source: Internet)

2. High employment opportunities at leading US technology companies

 California state economy has a great influence on the US economy and this is where thousands of reputable technology corporations such as Apple, Intel, Google, eBay, Logitech, Adobe, and so on, are gathered. The dynamic and developing economic environment here will create many conditions for employment opportunities for international students.

3. California is a ” Little Saigon”

 One of the factors that make California always a popular study choice for many Vietnamese families is because there are so many Vietnamese people who are settling down and living and gradually forming Vietnamese communities in one place. Very close name, “Little Saigon”. The “Little Saigon” area is the oldest, largest and most famous in the cities of Westminster and Garden Grove, Orange County. This is considered as an economic and cultural center of Vietnamese people in the United States and a place where traditional festivals are held regularly, helping international students find the feeling of “home” on the land of strangers.

4. The Vietnamese community is always ready to help you

 Vietnamese students will face less racism and are more easily integrated into California. Moreover, due to the growth of the Vietnamese community, besides the support of international students, more about housing, life, or both daily shopping, eating Asian dishes, Vietnamese students also receive detailed instructions on extra jobs with good salaries, lower competition than school jobs.

5. The temperate climate and beautiful scenery

 The state of California is on the West Bank – adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, so the weather here is very moderate compared to the inland climates. The temperature never drops to the freezing point in the winter (almost without snow) and the temperature rarely reaches above 30 ° C. The state has many beautiful natural scenes, including the spacious Central Valley, high mountains, deserts and hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline.


   Choosing a community college to transfer to university has the following advantages:

– Savings: Study for two years of college then transfer to two years at university to help students save tuition for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. Not only do students save tuition, but they can also save their living expenses if they live with their relatives because colleges are usually close to home.

– Priority transfer to the university in the state: California college students get the highest priority among applicants for admission in the second or third years at UC and CSU. Many colleges also have a separate agreement with UC and CSU to make it easier for students to transfer.

 The bachelor’s degree for students who transfer from college to university is no different from the four-year students studying at university, with absolutely no distinction. In my experience, universities even like to accept students transferring from college to university because they have more opportunities to graduate than students who study 4 years in college because they have only two years left back to college.

 Starting from college helps students have a softer start than university because the college enrollment regulations are also easier. And the important thing is that college costs are much less than college costs.

– List of low-cost colleges in the state

Schools State Cost(*)
City College of San Francisco California $6,202
Golden West College California $5,256
The college of Desert California  $6,656
Ohlone College California $6,750
Grossmont College California $5,200
Butte College California $6,400
Palomar College California $6,300
Santa Rosa College California $6,050
 San Mateo College California  $6,076
MiraCosta College California $5,544
Glendale Community College – California California $5,905
Citrus College California $5,900-$6,800
San Jose City College California $6,024
Cabrillo College California $6,140
Orange Coast College California $7760
Los Angeles Pierce College California $6,211
Chaffey College California $6,216
Foothill and De Anza Colleges California $6,588
Peralta Community College District California $6,472
El Camino College and Language Academy California $6,750
Las Positas College California $6,998
Saddleback College California $7,618
Los Angeles Valley College California $7,044
San Mateo Colleges (Canada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College) California $7,280
Riverside  College California $5,200
Cypress College California $7,774
East Los Angeles College California $8,118

 (*): The above fee includes registration fee and some required fees to attend the course


Below is a list of some universities in California state

       Univeristies Address   Cost
Southern California University Los Angeles, California $42418
California State Polytechnic University Pomona Pomona, California $6440
California State University, Fullerton Fullteron, California $7555
San Jose University San Jose, California $16311 (*)
California State University, Fresno Fresno, California $8928
California State University, Humboldt Arcata, California $8928
California State University, San Marcos San Marcos, California $8928
Stanford University Stanford, California $45,729
 California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California, $45,846
 University of California – Los Angeles  Los Angeles , California $42,139.06
 University of California – Berkeley Berkeley, California $52,330
 University of California – San Diego San Diego, California $18,026
 University of Pacific Stockton, California  


The above fees do not include the registration fee and some required fees to attend the course, (*) included accommodation fee.

Accommodation costs in California are around 12,000-20,000 USD / year.


 Usually in the United States, if you are granted an F-1 visa, visas are for international students to study full-time language programs, high schools, universities, academies, and so on in the US, you will be allowed to work an additional 20 hours/week during the semester and 40 hours/week on holidays. You also have the right to do more for organizations that provide services in your schools, such as a cafeteria or library service or teaching assistant. If you want to work outside, you will need to get permission from the US Immigration Department on the condition that you have 1 year of study in the US.

 However, especially when studying in California, due to the growth of the Vietnamese community, besides students, they will be supported more carefully about housing, life, or even daily shopping. , eating Vietnamese dishes, Vietnamese students can easily get detailed instructions about extra jobs with good salaries, lower competition than those in school.

 In particular, different from other countries, students must return to Vietnam immediately after completing the study program, with US policies for industries in the Science and Technology Science (STEM), students have the right to stay after graduation up to a total of 17-27 months. It is then possible to continue to work if it is accepted by a US company, which will make it easier for students to apply for immigration in the US if they wish in the future.