The 10 best restaurants in Brighton for every taste

The 10 best restaurants in Brighton for every taste

Living in a foreign country for the first time is one of the greatest experiences in life – but from time to time it can also feel like one of the biggest challenges. So, in this series, I’ll introduce you to some places where you can meet friends and make you feel at home, even if you live far away from there. The last time it was Bristol , today is Brighton’s turn!

1. For Japanese: Sushi Garden

If you crave traditional food as a Japanese, you should go to the Sushi Garden very quickly . This modest restaurant on Preston Street really looks like it’s been hijacked right out of the streets of Tokyo. It has just the right sophisticated atmosphere. On weekdays, the restaurant closes after lunch, but opens at 17:30, just in time for an early supper after the lesson.

2. For French: Mange Tout

This simple restaurant not only offers the most French name in Brighton: I recommend the delicious poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, also called Eggs Benedict. You can also sit here in the sun of the English south coast and be served by real Frenchmen. The place has received some rave reviews from French visitors, and if that’s not a hallmark, then I do not know. You’ll find Mange Tout on Trafalgar Street in North Laine.

3. For North African: Taste Of Sahara

Do not be fooled by the name of this Arabic restaurant on Western Road, because of course there is not just sand here. Instead you get kebabs, lamb tagines, falafel and lamb chops – and many more dishes from Lebanon and the Middle East – and you can bring your own alcohol if you want.

4. For Italian: Casalingo

Italian students feel right at home here, because the Casalingo is very cozy and informal. Many a guest stays for hours because it just feels so traditional Italian. If you do not do it every day, you may be asked politely to make room for other guests, and that would be quite embarrassing. The Casalingo is located on Preston Street, near Regency Square.

5. For Thailand: Tookta’s Cafe

This tiny Thai snack on Spring Street (near Western Road) is all about food. So if you fancy a cute cafe with no frills, then you’ll feel right at home here. The guests know so much good about the curry that the store has five stars on Google Reviews. Either the guests are bribed here, or it is actually so good!

6. For Argentina: Latinoamerica

For once, get a little finer for this elegant Argentine restaurant on Church Road, because it’s a really chic shop, even though the menu has sandwiches. As expected, the steaks are as good as those in Argentina – perfect for South American students who miss the meat they have enjoyed south of the equator.

7. For Spanish Language StudentsIf you’re from Spain and you still have not been to this cool and cozy tapas bar on Meeting House Lane, do not go anywhere. The interior looks like it’s imported directly from Barcelona, ​​and while tasting the city’s tastiest bites, there are flamenco shows for the true Spanish flair.

8. For Brazilian: Casa Brasil

Anyone who has ever been to Brazil knows that Brazilians like to eat well and eat well – this branch of a restaurant chain on the Boardwalk is your place, if that’s your thing. Trained meat cooks, called Passadores, march past the tables again and again and offer delicious, freshly grilled meat. This is pretty dangerous if you can not say no to the food. Also absolutely fantastic: pão de queijo , Portuguese cheese balls.

9. For Chinese: China Garden

This Preston Street restaurant is one of Brighton’s premier focal points for Chinese food. After a long day of learning, you can sit down there with a clear conscience and the menu will not disappoint. If you manage to show up before four in the afternoon, Dim Sum will be there every day. It has been scientifically proven that the world looks the same with Dim Sum. That’s a fact.

10. For Us Germans: The Dog House At Patterns

Granted, this is not really a German, Swiss or Austrian restaurant, but it has a quasi German name and sausage is there too, that’s pretty close. We are in Brighton, not in Berlin: we have to take what we can get. The Dog House can be found on the Marine Parade. Here you can feast on so many hot dogs until you feel full and round.